Powder Room: Collection Board

Powder Room: Collection Boardfeatured

Barr-Co | White Vanity | Barr-Co | Wallpaper | Bath Mat | Faucet | Beaboard | Hardware The powder bathroom inspiration board has finally been narrowed down to what I think I can live with. Now whether or not I can pull it off, well that is an entirely different blog post in it’s self. Creating spaces on a computer is very different then actually creating spaces Read more

Buying Old Versus New

Buying Old Versus Newfeatured

If anyone has been out furniture shopping as of late, you all know that feeling you get when you start flipping over price tags to see just how much that new furniture piece is going to cost you… lets just say its a large number hovering close to around a mortgage payment. This is where you cue my puppy Read more

Love The Home You Have

Love The Home You Havefeatured

Every home, even in it’s most perfect state has to come with some quarks, right? I think sometimes we get way in over our heads with this idea of having the “perfect home” by the plethora of awesomeness that Pinterest and Houzz now offers us. They can show us page after page of seemingly perfect home Read more

Chick Chick

Chick Chickfeatured

Being a wanna-be homesteader is hard work. Know one told me that even the planning of my “wanna-be empire” would take such copious amounts of energy and time. It’s like the higher-ups are trying to weed out the weak and weary before we even get our sleeves rolled up. Touché. I of course am completely up for said challenge. I have Read more