Master Gardner Class: Lab I – Greenhouses I’ve been taking any and every class that I can for my Master Gardner Program. This weeks gem was learning about Greenhouses. Perhaps I was a bit naive going into this working lab. I mean really, how hard could it really be? It’s hard. Like light, temperature, humidity, testing, things die-hard. My dream Read more

Week No. 8 \\ Day No. 52

Week No. 8 \\ Day No. 52featured

House Updates: I’ve got brass on le’ brain. So who would have thought that brass would be making such a massive combat now a days. I will now step aside and join the circle with all my other shocked peers. Brass dominated the mid 90’s design world with its polished sparkle and knock-off colonial flair. Unfortunately both my house and I Read more



Furniture talks, you know? It has a spirit, a story, history… all trapped within its secret walls. This piece is no exception. She holds many treasures locked up deep within her. She is a treasure to me, an inspiration, and one of my favorites. She now sits quietly in my new home…waiting. Someday soon she will Read more


GARDEN \\ WEEK 33featured

I’ve grown to love being in my garden. It wasn’t a place a thought I would take such pleasure in spending vast amounts of my time in. While working hard to get something accomplished isn’t anything new for me, I never anticipated how close and comfy I would end up being with some of our Read more



  Invite | Nails | Drink | Cake | Fence | Chairs | Table Setting | Dress | Car Back to School season is upon us yet again. My Facebook/Instagram/RSS Feeds are full of everyone’s first day back, preparing to go back, or showing they are still in panic mode. Thankfully for me, this time of year just means avoiding all stores and roadways as Read more