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Our Patriotic season is slowing coming to an end. With only Labor Day left in tow, I am personally left a bit sadden. Who doesn’t love singing the Star Spangle Banner, and seeing all of the American flags hung in door ways and windows? I have a great love and admiration for our forefathers and an even a great respect for our country. I love living in America, being an American and enjoy my freedoms that I hope remain in tact for a very long time. I hope this Patriotic season was more than just fancy table decor and yummy Martha Stewart recipes.



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All of my landscaping classes have finally come to a halt. I cannot say I am any better off than when I started, but I can say that I am pretty confident that most of what I have done thus far in my own yard may have not been the greatest idea. Being from the East Coast may have injured my “vision” a bit for massive trees and budding green everywhere. I am learning to cope with a more realistic approach to what is Utah gardening. Until said time when I can own my own piece of farming heaven, I will be content with trying to tame my very own wild yard. Cheers!

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Grateful for Easter and my Savior this time of year. Even though my napkins were folded bunnies, I still don’t under value what the true meaning of this time of year is. ”Because Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind it’s possible for each of us to live again with God.”

#Because of Him

21st, 2014 / Danielle /



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Much of the doom and gloom of winter is finally coming to a close. Color has begun to pop up here and there around the valley brining joy to the dead that is Utah winters. One item I am very much looking to is tasting sweet ripe raspberries fresh from our garden. Did I mention that you have to move those little darling every six or so years because they get a terrible disease from the soil? Yeh, you do. I’ve got a few more years left until the big move comes to my garden, thankfully. Here’s to yummies all summer long.





Spring is fast approaching but somehow it is still not fast enough for my taste. My mass collection of bulb that I painstakingly planted last fall have surpassed my hopes by leaps and bound by beginning to pop up from the cold ground below. I hope my spring is full of lushes colors and nose filling pollen, at the least.

I feel as if life was on stand still for a few months, but I am glad to see things are falling back into place. I look forward to much more design time, plenty of gardening & hopefully a few other projects I am looking to get my hands into.

I am bit late at my whole 2014 jump-start. But no time is better than the present, right?


I think everyone has a place. Whether it ends up being actual or fantasy matters not. My place is one of safety and peace. Where there is no rush of technology to clutter my moments. No unkempt lawns or failing roof lines to neighbors to hinder my mood, but just a place that I can be… uninterrupted.

Keswick Virginia might just be my place. Okay let’s be honest, anywhere Ireland would easily suffice as well. I can feel the sweet humidity curling my hair this very instance. The quiet rhythmic chants of the cicada’s at putting me to sleep at night and watching the wind blow the thick grass over the rolling green hills during the hot summer days. Oh, how I am missing the east coast very much lately.



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