Buying Old Versus New

Buying Old Versus Newfeatured

If anyone has been out furniture shopping as of late, you all know that feeling you get when you start flipping over price tags to see just how much that new furniture piece is going to cost you… lets just say its a large number hovering close to around a mortgage payment. This is where you cue my puppy Read more

Love The Home You Have

Love The Home You Havefeatured

Every home, even in it’s most perfect state has to come with some quarks, right? I think sometimes we get way in over our heads with this idea of having the “perfect home” by the plethora of awesomeness that Pinterest and Houzz now offers us. They can show us page after page of seemingly perfect home Read more

Chick Chick

Chick Chickfeatured

Being a wanna-be homesteader is hard work. Know one told me that even the planning of my “wanna-be empire” would take such copious amounts of energy and time. It’s like the higher-ups are trying to weed out the weak and weary before we even get our sleeves rolled up. Touché. I of course am completely up for said challenge. I have Read more

The Pink Peonies

The Pink Peoniesfeatured

Rain is not a common occurrence here in the vast desert of Utah. In fact, we are reminded daily during our winter season of our states current status on our “lack of snow pack”,”dyer drought conditions”, and that this will of course lead to what we all know is the end of all human kind. Or Read more

Greenhouse Built

Greenhouse Builtfeatured

Master Gardner Class: Lab I – Greenhouses I’ve been taking any and every class that I can for my Master Gardner Program. This weeks gem was learning about Greenhouses. Perhaps I was a bit naive going into this working lab. I mean really, how hard could it really be? It’s hard. Like light, temperature, humidity, testing, things die-hard. My dream Read more

Week No. 8 \\ Day No. 52

Week No. 8 \\ Day No. 52featured

House Updates: I’ve got brass on le’ brain. So who would have thought that brass would be making such a massive combat now a days. I will now step aside and join the circle with all my other shocked peers. Brass dominated the mid 90’s design world with its polished sparkle and knock-off colonial flair. Unfortunately both my house and I Read more


CHAOS, PLEASE?featured

Our home has been a bitter-sweet chaotic mess for the past month or so. ( Don’t take that as a complaint, because it was most certainly not one. ) I enjoy ripping out all the tacky non-sense that the previous owners “thought” was a good idea, which clearly wasn’t… ever, only to replace it with my Read more