If I were to get married again…

Keswick Virginia is my place. Okay let’s be honest… or Ireland.
I can feel the humidity and my hair curling this very instance.
I’m missing the east coast very much lately.






7th, 2014 / Danielle /

Can Celine Dion Really Do Anything?



Apparently the answer is Yes. Typical Celine has never been my go to music well ever, but let’s be honest the woman can sing. She isn’t another Britney Spears that is for sure. Her new album dropped a few days ago, and I was pleasantly surprised with the youthful sound she was still able to accomplish. Being 45 years old hasn’t seemed to stunt this beauty what so ever. I’ll be keeping “Loved Me Back to Life” on my short list for a while. Special thanks to Sia for writing the track. She is always golden in my book.


11th, 2013 / Danielle /

The City and the Sea



“One day long ago, the sea asked the city if it wanted to go out for a drink, they spent the whole night dancing
and fell in love with the way they were different, yet the same.”

Christopher Poindexter