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I hope everyone filled up on all the goodness that was Thanksgiving. It is still hard to believe that December is less than a breath away from us now. Soon to be leaving all of what was 2009 in the dust and making ready for a fresh 2010 to bring on all its fun and wonder.

I’ve spent my holiday frantically trying to finish up my work room. ( Thanks to all my family who helped! ) We painted, sanded, yelled and sang songs while changing that dreaded little purple room into something great. I’ve some what decided on some desks and have collected two pieces of art so far. However, I was floored when I stumbled upon Alyssa’s collection of old school bottles. I LOVE the creamy rich feeling they create and can already imagine a set of 3 or 5 sitting high on a self in my work room. Props Alyssa, you have created something unique and wonderful.


Alyssa Ettinger Design

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30th, 2009 / Danielle /

Hitotoki – A Narrative Map of “London”

{ Hitotoki

I happened to stumbled upon Hitotoki series of websites while doing some UI research for an up coming project I’m on. I soon found this was not an ordinary UI research routine, but in fact was a place of collecting stories as a literary project all while connecting them to specific geographic location ( Toyko, Paris, New York & etc). Because of my great love for London, I often find myself drawn there when I have down time during my day, or just need a much needed pick me up. Regardless of the vantage point you are coming to this site from ( designer, coder, writer or stumble upon-er..)  I am fairly confident it will be a place you will enjoying spending some of your day.

By the way, if London isn’t your thing.. fret not they have this wonderful site for  Toyko , New York , Paris , Shanghai and Bulgaria.

A Narrative Map of Tokyo

30th, 2009 / Danielle /

NZ Book Council – Going West

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book, especially when something like this is made from it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

26th, 2009 / Danielle

Kayce Lomas – Type Doodles

{ Kayce Lomas

Kayce (from Kayceislost via Flickr) has a beautiful talent for her hand-drawn letters. I love all the styles, textures and movement they create. I can appreciate when an artist/designer can take “something” and change it or modify how it functions while still maintaining the original integrity of the “item”. Looks like some of these items will be available for purchase. I’ll be keeping my eyes open.



Kayce_Lomas_Faux Show Mono


25th, 2009 / Danielle /

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes – Martha Stewart Style

We are back to the time of year that warmly welcomes pies, sweets, and all kinds of holiday goodness. The time of year where diets and good eating habits are thrown out the window and words like Crisco and butter are on our top ten most wanted lists. This is quickly followed up with happy chirps of my in-laws asking for “more whipping cream” on anything within reach but most of the time this happens to be pies. Ranging from banana cream, berry, the all famous pumkin, and just about anything and everything in between. This holiday I will be surrounded by pies and whipping cream, what will you be surrounded by?

See something you fancy. Check out Martha Stewart for her great recipes.

24th, 2009 / Danielle

Loveleft Typographic Posters

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What better time to relish on some much inspiring Typographic Posters by Loveleft. They have done an incredible job visually of showing all of our daily tasks we as designers run over in our minds. Cheers to them for making it less mundane and a bit more colorful.

23rd, 2009 / Danielle /

Fabien Barral – Harmonie Interieure


{ Harmonie-Interieure
{ Fabien Barral

Fabien Barral is a designer based out of Clermont-Ferrand, France whose work captivated me from the very beginning. It all started when I stumbled upon his re-branding of Truform Pools in LaHabre, California. From there I was no less astonished when finding his own brand identity, his collection of graphic posters and lastly his collection of wall stickers at Harmonie-Interieure. How could you not fall in love with his masterful use of type, color and textures. Even though his work is flat, there is a life and movement to it that makes his work seem 3D.

Barral_Fabien_Truform_1 Barral_Fabien_Truform_2 Barral_Fabien_Truform_3


His brilliance does not stop there as you soon find out that he lives an enchanting life with his dually creative wife and their daughter in a house straight out of a faerie tale. You can feel the creative juices just overflowing from there home and lives. This, of course, being a lifestyle and means that I will aspire to.



Photo taken by Fabien & Denis Pourcher

23rd, 2009 / Danielle /

Inspiration { Seafoam

Everyone has a favorite shirt, shop and drink. Even a favorite song, movie, and perhaps even a favorite friend. We live in a world of favorites. We surround ourselves with things we love and adore. Things that at the end of the day make us feel happy. My color board inspiration today is Seafoam. Yes, hands down the one color I have based the entire interior design of my house around. I  love the depth this color brings to my home. Whether it is light or dark, used as an accent or to cover a whole wall. This color makes my home a home.

Seafoam has been paired with golds and champagnes throughout interior and fashion design. It seems that whenever this color is used, a regal and classy atmosphere lingers around the room. Tasteful and clean this color will always be on my top 10 list.

Credits: Layla Grace , ZGallerie , Mika78 , Anthropologie , Decorology , Williams Sonoma , Mark Lanning + BraBourne Farm , High Fashion Home , Kelley Interior Design

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