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Happy New Year’sfeatured

I hope that all of you will enjoy your New Year’s Celebrations this evening. I am looking forward to staying in with my husband and dog which will hopefully lead to me being in bed at 10 and sound asleep by midnight. I am looking forward to a fresh new year. I have many goals Read more


MOR Cosmeticsfeatured

{ MOR Cosmetics Like yesterday, I am going to venture to the shores of Australia for some beautiful package designs from MOR cosmetics. When did soaps become so well designed? Perhaps when I was little if my mom would have handed me something like that to wash with I would have been a bit more Read more


Sheye Rosemeyerfeatured

To be thankful. Even though for most of us Thanksgiving is the time of year to “count ones blessings” I am going to take the time today to pose that very same question to you. What are you grateful for? For me, personally I could fill page after page of everything that I am truly Read more


IS Photography Sale 20% OFFfeatured

{ IS Photography Hurry! Hurry! HOLIDAY SALE Save 20% on all orders until December 31. Enter the code HOHOHO during checkout to receive your discount. Happy holidays!


2009 Music Let Downfeatured

2009 was a utter disappointment for music. I can honestly say that I’ve spent more time on the hunt for good audio books than I did good albums. Of course I am the first person to admit Britney Spears had some great beats in some of her news tracks, enough so to get me to Read more



My apologies to all about my spastic posting behavior. The holidays have brought a lot of movement in our house and I am unable to keep up with my life. I’ll post when I can.. but until the new year I may be everywhere but on the web. Until then enjoy some Oscar Diaz:


Orla Kielyfeatured

{ Orla Kiely I can remember when I was younger, coming up with a Christmas list was something of ease. I could come up with a well orchestrated list of things I was sure I needed but today that isn’t so much the case. It takes me a great deal of time to find things Read more


IS Photographyfeatured

{ IS Photography There are few items I deem worthy enough to place on my “must have list”. These are items that I know, with out a shadow of a doubt I will buy, but currently am holding off on because of one reason or the other. Art is a major pain point for me. Read more


The Haunted Hollow Treefeatured

I awoke this morning to find my home covered in a fresh frosting of wintry snow. My warm bed hugged me as I laid awake listening to the speeding snow plows grinding down our street which was quickly followed by the double *click-click* that Poe’s doggy door makes when he is ready to get up Read more