Happy New Year’s

I hope that all of you will enjoy your New Year’s Celebrations this evening. I am looking forward to staying in with my husband and dog which will hopefully lead to me being in bed at 10 and sound asleep by midnight. I am looking forward to a fresh new year. I have many goals that I am pushing myself to achieve and time will tell just how well I meet them. I am excited for Merry Poet’s online store to open and for my life as a designer to shift gears. I hope all of you have some great New Year’s Resolutions, and will enjoy this festive time of year.

I’ll be back Monday as tomorrow is my husband birthday and the last 3 day weekend I will have for awhile. I leave you with Monina Velarde 2010 New Year’s Resolution Generator if you are needing a little help.

See you in 2010.

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31st, 2009 / Danielle /

MOR Cosmetics

{ MOR Cosmetics

Like yesterday, I am going to venture to the shores of Australia for some beautiful package designs from MOR cosmetics. When did soaps become so well designed? Perhaps when I was little if my mom would have handed me something like that to wash with I would have been a bit more inclined. There are various patterns, shapes and over all arrangements that make their whole line an instant head turner.

I will admit my favorites with flying colors has to be Nordica. I am a sucker for people who can capture both modern and timeless tradition in any and all designs. Which leads me to give props to all those involved with the creation of this line. Going to make sure I keep an eye on these guys.

30th, 2009 / Danielle

Sheye Rosemeyer

To be thankful.

Even though for most of us Thanksgiving is the time of year to “count ones blessings” I am going to take the time today to pose that very same question to you. What are you grateful for?

For me, personally I could fill page after page of everything that I am truly grateful for. They range form temporal to spiritual and everything in between. However, today I will spare you the history paper and share my gratitude for life. For the chance to have it, share it and live it. It is something that perhaps too many times I have over looked or even forgotten about. But today while I was reading Sheye Rosemeyer blog I happen upon a remarkable story about a remarkable little girl, her Ava. My words cannot do this story justice nor will I try. But for what it’s worth my motto is simple, I am grateful for my life.

{ Ava

{ Sheye Rosemeyer

On a much lighter note, make sure to check out Sheye’s amazing photography website/blog. She has workshops and workflow actions for sale that would make any after Christmas shopper get a little gift hungry. If only I were a bit closer, I’m sure I would be setting up my own photo session with her.

Here’s to the today’s.

29th, 2009 / Danielle /

2009 Music Let Down

2009 was a utter disappointment for music. I can honestly say that I’ve spent more time on the hunt for good audio books than I did good albums. Of course I am the first person to admit Britney Spears had some great beats in some of her news tracks, enough so to get me to listen to one of her songs once or twice even, but Miley and yes Taylor Swift will not be getting my votes.

There were a few albums I should have fallen head over heals with: ie: Owl City new stuff. But again I could not get past that dudes voice if I had a semi truck pushing me along. Then there was MJ, Lady GaGa and Susan Boyle that happened to make some background noise in this years charts and from what billboard is telling me remain to.

Overall my conclusion has been one of disappointment, so much so that I cannot even list my top 5 albums this year because they don’t exist. All I have is songs. A handful of song that I cannot say I love, but I can say have held me over for hoping 2010 will be the year of redemption in the music world.

2009 ( random order )
1. One EskimO: UFO
2. Empire of the Sun: Walking On A Dream
3. Claire Tchaikowski: Undone
4. Lights: Lions!
5. Brian Crain: Water

Here’s to hoping 2010 will be a much better year for music, besides I have some new Harmon & Kardon speakers I need to be testing out in my studio.

27th, 2009 / Danielle


My apologies to all about my spastic posting behavior. The holidays have brought a lot of movement in our house and I am unable to keep up with my life. I’ll post when I can.. but until the new year I may be everywhere but on the web.

Until then enjoy some Oscar Diaz:


14th, 2009 / Danielle

Orla Kiely

{ Orla Kiely

I can remember when I was younger, coming up with a Christmas list was something of ease. I could come up with a well orchestrated list of things I was sure I needed but today that isn’t so much the case. It takes me a great deal of time to find things I want or even like. However, Orla Kiely delights are something that are always on my list. I have fallen in love with this cute change purse that can hold all of my daily goodies. ( Just have to get a dandy purse to match. ) Orla’s design range from clothing, stationary, accessorizes and yes.. even go as far having her own line with Anthropologie. So when you are out looking for that special gift for that special someone, I am confident enough to say Orla has something for you.






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IS Photography

{ IS Photography

There are few items I deem worthy enough to place on my “must have list”. These are items that I know, with out a shadow of a doubt I will buy, but currently am holding off on because of one reason or the other. Art is a major pain point for me. It is one item I want to fill my home with but in all honesty am not to the point in our renovation to even begin thinking about art on our walls.

One such artist that has mused me from the beginning has been Irene Suchocki. I don’t even know when or how I found her. But all I do know is that for as much as I love her work, I’m ashamed to say that I don’t own any. Many of her photos are all ready pre-planned to hang in almost every room of my house and will of course fit in seamlessly. I’ll just keep holding my breath until I can purchase all of my wishes from her.

Irene_ Suchocki_Photo

Irene Suchocki_photo_2

Irene Suchocki_photo3

The Haunted Hollow Tree

I awoke this morning to find my home covered in a fresh frosting of wintry snow. My warm bed hugged me as I laid awake listening to the speeding snow plows grinding down our street which was quickly followed by the double *click-click* that Poe’s doggy door makes when he is ready to get up and face the world. Their is a cold, almost haunting chill in Utah today… which means today’s Post is of course dedicated to The Haunted Hollow Tree.

Lauren Gray captures exactly what I am feeling today with her beautiful work. The mood, tone and colors of her pieces touch on a completely different time and place. A magical world perhaps with enchantments and charms. Or maybe, just a Monday morning at work in Utah. Regardless today is a day to curl up in front of the fire place, sip hot chocolate and dream of the could be’s.

{ The Haunted Hollow Tree

The Haunted Hollow Tree_1

The Haunted Hollow Tree_4

The Haunted Hollow Tree_3

The Haunted Hollow Tree_2

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