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Masterpiece Classic – Emma

Masterpiece Classic – Emmafeatured

Since joining Netflix, my husband and I have been enjoying the abundance that is Blu-ray, Instant Play and Monarch of the Glen. We both have our own queue’s set up that almost on a daily basis supply us with new movies. I was really thinking, “How would I want, need or desire anything else out Read more

iPad – incase you missed it.

iPad – incase you missed it.featured

  Apple announced today the arrival of the new iPad ( well if you want to call it new.. Really to sum it up it’s a larger scaled version of the already well known iPod touch or iPhone. ) I was curious to see what exactly this iPad was going to do and how well Read more

Twitter for the Mid-Century + dee adams

Twitter for the Mid-Century + dee adamsfeatured

Love twitter? Love Mid-Century design? Pretty sure Dee Adams has JUST the thing for you! She has designed some beautiful full color blank cards ( postcards, gift cards or framed art ) just for you. Make sure to check out her Etsy store that has a handful of other products you may be into as Read more

Weekly Wrap Up + i. klee

Weekly Wrap Up + i. kleefeatured

This week a lot did and didn’t happen for me. I officially registered my business which means I am now “in the system” so to speak and one step closer to making my dream of 3+ years come true. Merry Poet has been something I have dreamed of since moving here to Utah after graduating Read more

“That” milk box.

“That” milk box.featured

When I was growing up milk cartons for lunch was a thing of the past. We were the age of “stick your straw in this plastic bag looking square that looks like it should be holding some sort of iv liquid”. It was all about saving “something”. At the time I had no idea what Read more

B Dunlap { tattoo

B Dunlap { tattoofeatured

{ B Dunlap – Lucy & Orla Sometime you see a script font and it makes your mouth water. Yeh, this one did it to me too. { Image: B Dunlap

Urban User Design  { Copenhagen

Urban User Design { Copenhagenfeatured

While opening my email this morning at work I was eagerly greeted with a happy little note from one of my co-workers. She bluntly stated that it would be in my or our ( as she had sent it out to our whole team ) interest to look at the link she had attached. Now, Read more



Halloween has to be one of my favorite times of year, hands down. I love all of the movement and energy around this time of year. The creative costumes, the fabulous house decor and of course the handfuls of candy. Instantly this made me think of one choice item I have had my eye on Read more

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Dayfeatured

To all he was, is and continues to be.. I express my gratitude for what he stood for and the sacrifices he made in order for our country and many peoples lives to become better. Thank you.

English Country Style in Australia

English Country Style in Australiafeatured

I am a sucker for most things “cottage”. My dream would be to live just like Iris in The Holiday which if you haven’t seen, I would highly recommend. As always Hans Zimmer music score is breath-taking making this movie easily one of my top ten movies. But as for the cottage, Iris’s cottage is Read more