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The Opposite of Photoshop

The Opposite of Photoshopfeatured

Don’t you love when you see something and have to take a double look to figure out what exactly was going on in the photo? Case in point, finding out this lovely painting is really a photo. Thanks to Peter Kun Frary, a professor at the University of Hawaii, for snapping a photo that uses Read more

Bookhou Alphabet

Bookhou Alphabetfeatured

I have found that there are a few things, items per say, that I tend to lean towards when finding home decor. I will admit it always comes back to the designer in me, but I love getting my hands on all things typography. Lately it has been in the form of posters or fonts Read more



This week has been a week full of reflection for me. Dreaming up all of the things I have done, accomplished and boosted me to be sitting here right where I am. Most of my day dreaming has been about my college days and so many of the good and bad times I had. Oddly Read more

Tim Bjørn

Tim Bjørnfeatured

I adore this custom wall illustration by typographer Tim Bjørn for Danish home-wares store Madam Madsen. It makes my already wonderful 3 day long weekend just keep on going. I hope that all of you enjoyed your Holiday Packed weekend, I know that I did. My super surprise of the week, we finally order carpet Read more

Vinyl Sticker Inspiration

Vinyl Sticker Inspirationfeatured

Vinyl stickers to me were always a thing of the past. Something tacky and non designed that was big, bold everywhere. Over the last few years I was happy to see the vinyl market evolve into a more sophisticated arena. Taking something that had always had potential and stretching its use to see what exactly Read more



Amy Moss of Eat. Drink. Chic has me marveling over her packaging design with Access Agency and photographer Marija Ivkovic. McFancy is a new way to make even someone like me want to dabble in the joys of what could be “McDonalds”. The over all concept from Access Agency was a delight to read about. Read more

What Is Success?

What Is Success?featured

I am always on the hunt for knowledge, especially knowledge that can help my business grow and flourish. Speaking of flourish, that is exactly what Stephanie Fizer New E-Course is called. For the past week we have touched on many topics and ideas but there has been one that personally struck a cord in my Read more

Oh, Honey Please!

Oh, Honey Please!featured

Hands down I love am OBSESSED with IronMan. What better way to show me some love, then for me to show him some love. This is on the “Oh, Honey Please!” list. { Skinat via Etsy. Sold Out.

The Nerdiest Sweater Vest in the World

The Nerdiest Sweater Vest in the Worldfeatured

This is a corny little find for the week and one that amused me to pieces. It was like stepping back into middle school and sitting in my sewing class trying to figure out what choice “kit” was going to win me the prize at the York County Fair. I needed to be the best, Read more