For those of you who missed Discovery Channels Life intentionally like myself because you couldn’t bare to watch it in anything less than blue ray, fear not. I have been waiting for over a month and I am ecstatic to say that it has made it’s pre-order release. Ever since earth day I cannot help but be more interested in the world around me and try to work towards a having a better understanding of her. So until I can get my greedy hands on Life Blu Ray, I’ll admit the cover art and the people who created it will more than hold me over. See for yourself.

Scott McDonald – Creative Director
Laura Hauseman – Art Director
Ginnie Assenza – Art Manager

Ars Thanea:
Peter Jaworowski – Art Director, Digital Artist

Ps. My favorite is the shark, of course!

30th, 2010 / Danielle

Somewhere over the ocean.

Sometimes I think I not only live in the wrong state, but have the completely wrong career. Currently I reside in Utah and work as a designer. If I had my way I would live in Hawaii or Australia and would be a marine biologist. I love the ocean, I love water and I love the life that lives there. My NetFlix queue is full of ocean and discovery channel goodies and even my wedding ring has a blue cauliflower sapphire instead of a typical diamond. I got teary eyed when the opening scene of Oceans started and imagine I will cry when I set sights on the Hawaiian waters of Maui when the Mr and I travel there this December. I cannot even express how excited I am. Further more I am already planning on buying land to retire on when we grow old. (Yes, I haven’t even been yet.)

So today I dream of sand and sun. I dream of how blessed I am that the Mr and I can enjoy some of the beauty’s this world has to offer together. I hope each one of you can go and do something that makes you happy. A place that is special to you. Mine will forever be the ocean.

{Images via Visit Maui

29th, 2010 / Danielle


I saw this, in a movie theater – props to me. ( that doesn’t happen very much )


26th, 2010 / Danielle

Friday: Enamor Photo

Happy almost weekend. I am excited for April showers to move past us Utahans and hopefully bring some nice needed warm weather. I was able to accomplish a few random things around the house ( shouts for joy! ) which always make me feel a sense of fulfillment. Seems that a lot of our larger projects are starting to wrap up leaving only the fine details. That is always a lot of fun because that means hunting down some cool finds at Esty. Enamor Photo does a fabulous job of capturing the exact mood I am in. I love the lush colors and off center composition this photo contains. Touching on something whimsical and childish which is a side of me I often don’t experience.

I hope you have a magical weekend and maybe do something you haven’t in awhile. Go for ice cream, sing a song out loud or blow a million bubbles like you were 10 again. Whatever it may be, just make sure to smile.

{ Image via enamorphoto

Make sure to check out her work. It is breath taking.

23rd, 2010 / Danielle

Happy Earth Day

A day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Amen.

I am literally going to try and save a tree today – my peach tree that is covered in snow. Here’s to making every day count. I hope everyone does their part not only today but everyday to make a difference.

{ Image via Andy Newman

22nd, 2010 / Danielle

The Dreaded Swim Suit

Summer is fast approaching. Yes, even though I did wake up this morning to find a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. ( roles eyes ) Regardless I am getting my vacation list of needed things together, which sadly always includes the dreaded swim suit. I’ve never been a fan of such a thing, OK maybe I was when I was like 5 and didn’t care that I was running around in some hideous pink poke-a-dot thing with what I now know was some sort of tutu attached to it. But even so, I should have cared then. ( laughs ) So as I went on the hunt for this new and improved swim suit I decided to start my shopping online and then progress to going to the stores to try them on. I’ve found a few that I think have made my list, and I am actually a bit excited to try on. I can’t say it will be anytime soon, because if this weather continues I may have to start shoveling again.

Mouse Pad update: I did in fact buy a mouse pad yesterday and I am SUPER stocked about it. Nope, I’m not telling yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

{ Down East

{ Lime Ricki

{ Lime Ricki

22nd, 2010 / Danielle

In*need of: Mouse pad

I have had one mouse pad for my computer since early high school. This mouse pad has traveled to college with me, across county & now will be the start to my business. No, it is not in even close to being in good shape and yes it does have a photo of Tori Amos whom I did idolized back in the day. Hard to believe I never had such a desire to replace this object but that all changed last night when I bought a sparkling new picture frame from Target. As I proudly placed a photograph of the Mr. and I in it, I noticed the poor condition of my mouse pad and decided then and there it was time to hunt down a new one. I am sure today will be the day of endless shopping and debate but I have found a few that tickle my fancy. ( Thanks to Esty of course ) I’m not sure if I’ve found a winner or not, but I vow to not let today pass by without buying a new one. Hopefully luck will be on my side because I am not looking forward to it taking all bloody day to hunt down my new and improved mouse pad.

{ Shim and Sons – $12.00

{ Home Deconomics – $9.50

{ Jill Bliss – via MirrorGirl $15.00

{ Jill Bliss – via MirrorGirl $15.00

21st, 2010 / Danielle

Esty: Slide Side Ways Bag

One of my many faults is the fact that I despise caring a purse. I hate lugging this “thing” around me with all over creation, and further more I find that I never use half of what is in there because it just has become a catch all for just about everything. I am always trying to convince myself that I need to carry a purse and that of course is followed up with “I need to buy a new one”. This is all false assumptions, because the fact is I have purses and I just don’t use them. Either way you look at this situation it’s a no win. So rather than try and figure it out, or even justify spending more money on something I will take the easy road as I so often do and just day dream about the “what if’s”. Currently on this list is a darling bag by made by Slide Side Ways that I would love to stash all my goodies in. I know you didn’t expect it to be any other color than teal, so that comes as no surprise to anyone. I wish I could end this post by saying, “It’s mine” and “No one else can have it” but I can’t and won’t and may just I’ll even mope about for awhile about it.

Side note: Happy New Music Tuesday. Yes NOT Monday, because new music does acutally drop on Tuesday. I’ve been on a Great Northern kick as of late, and it’s looking like that isn’t going to change for awhile.

{ Image via: Slide Side Ways

20th, 2010 / Danielle

Dream Kitchen

Over the past year or so the Mr. and I have been working on re-doing our home. It has been a hard and long journey but one that is very rewarding. The best part is being able to “design” our home. To make it be whatever I want, of course within reason. I collected a ton of pictures and have a done a ton of research which has led me to a “almost” complete kitchen. We have a few more items to cross off the list before be get there, but in the mean time I have fallen head over heels in love with this kitchen photographed by Ashlee Raubach. If there ever were a space that said Danielle, this would be such a space. I love every detail, finish and color this space offers me. And yes, because I have been in the house reno phase for awhile, I am confident to say I can recreated this whole look for a happy number that wouldn’t break our bank account. But for now I will add this to the “when we build our dream house” collection and just count my blessing for the fabulous kitchen that I do have.

I am going to make this my teal/seafoam week. Because frankly I just cannot seem to get enough of it.

{ Image: Ashlee Raubach

19th, 2010 / Danielle