Dutch Harbor, Alaska + Fisherman’s Quarters

For those of you watching Deadliest Catch this season ( or any other season ) on Discovery Channel, the name Dutch Harbor will bring back a flood of fisherman’s tales told by Mike Rowe about crab fishing on the Bering Sea. I long ago have fallen in love with Deadliest Catch, and yes even plan on buying Sig’s newly released book of some of his tales. It’s a simple delight I have, but one I can’t help but get excited over. Especially when I see such a magnificent photograph from Christopher Zimmer that can touch all my senses.

{ Image via Christopher Zimmer

On the design side of things, I cannot help but post about some amazing bedding by Serena and Lily that fits my mood perfectly. Fisherman’s Quarters is JUST the bedding I need for really any room in my house. I love the colors, pattern and old world charm it brings without being to modern or traditional. I can taste the salt water already!

{ Serena and Lily > Boys Fishermans Collection

6th, 2010 / Danielle

Cox & Cox + Playmobil

I love wallpaper even though only two rooms in my house current hold any. However I’m thinking of adding some to a downstairs bedroom we have. I have deemed this the adult playroom. And NO, I don’t mean it in some kinky fantasy way either so just calm down. I plan on buying up all the Playmobil dudes and dudetts I can and having a full on war. Further more I am going to stick some Cox & Cox connect the dot wallpaper on the walls so that when I have an urge to scribble, well I can scribble. Call me crazy, but I think I need a break from the corporate world. I just want to play.

{ Image via Cox & Cox – £50

5th, 2010 / Danielle

30 Before Thirty

Goal 1 of many.

I recently started my 30 Before Thirty todo list. One of the many countless items on this monster list is to make a quilt with my mother. Of course to many of you ( yes, I am assuming ) this may not be to hard of a task to accomplish. For me, it will be close to the end of the world. I can recall only having taken 1, yes count them ONE sewing class in my entire life. The year was, well back in the day and I was a wee 7th grader who was ready to conquer this machine and make my french fry pillow. A million classes later, a few almost sewn together figures and an end result that ended up looking like 5 yellow blood covered daggers, I was done. Done with the pillow and done with my sewing career.

I never though the day would come that I, Danielle would even care to sew anything again. But alas, as most things in  my life tend to do.. I stand corrected. I am going to make a quilt. A quilt that will be more first and most likely my last. The quilt will hopefully look something like the beautiful pic below. But honestly people, don’t hold your breath.. we all know I’m certainly not.

Thanks The Purl Bee – You and I are going to make a quilt together.

4th, 2010 / Danielle

30 Before Thirty

Learn to sew.
Make a quilt with my Mother.
Work full time on Merry Poet.
Buy a Digital SLR Camera.
Take a Photography class.
Have an adorable family photo taken.
Work on my family genealogy.
Landscape our home.
Finish Master Bathroom.
Buy a new Car.
Snorkel in Maui.
Swim at the Great Barrier Reef.
Ride the London Eye.
Organize my iTunes Library.
Own a Public Library Card.
Find the perfect little black dress.
Go to a symphony performance.
Run a 5k.
Do a walkathon.
Play a slot machine in Vegas once.
See the NHRA in Vegas.
Take a cruise to Alaska with Family.
Learn to play the piano.
Finish the house
Take a cooking class.
Find a favorite Author.
Start a new tradition.
Hike Timp
Visit the White House.
Make the perfect lemon meringue pie

3rd, 2010 / Danielle

Vintage Casual

While surfing the web it is all too easy to come across photos that inspire me. I quickly collect them and file them away hoping when the time comes I’ll be able to utilize them in some manor. Sadly most are just filed away, and will never again see the day as they once had before. All this leads me to two conclusions; One: I need a much better filing system for my collection of goodies. Two: I need to start using these inspirations for something other than taking up hard drive space.

I am not sure how I am going to resolve this issue. Perhaps I’ll use this week to sort that out. Truth be told I would much rather spend my time working on my yard – but that has been hard to do when snow has been a daily visitor.

Until such issues are resolved, I’m feeling very giddy over this vintage find from last week:

{ Image via Velvet & Linen

Come to think of it I also got a magic mouse to go with my new mouse pad. Not sure how I feel about the mouse just yet. I’ll have to really do some design work with it to see if it was money well spent.

3rd, 2010 / Danielle