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Day 3: First Milestonefeatured

I made it through work. I was very unsure how I was going to manage this new diet plan with my work demands. And let’s face it, being only able to eat certain things is not the easiest when you don’t have a kitchen and fridge to store, prep and just make this whole idea Read more


Day 2: Break Downfeatured

Why am I doing this? Because I am sick. On the verge of well shortening my life span in half, and well trying to save what little amount of sanity my husband still has left. Lets face it, if candida doesn’t get me, my husband might. I’m sick and just miserable. So if I am Read more


Day 1: Candidafeatured

Even though apparently I have been told this before. It was undoubtably confirmed that I have a intense case of Candida. And when I use the word intense I mean out of the 40 questions I had to answer to determine if my symptoms added up with the cause, I proudly stated “YES” to 37 Read more



Sometimes in my life I feel like this. And when I don’t feel like this, I want to feel like this. Tuesday, You have become my new longest day of the week. I’ll be glad to see you gone.

Getting back into: life.

Getting back into: life.featured

{ I’ve been gone for quiet some time, time that has ended up looking like close to a month now. Life has a way of changing and moving. Leading us into new and unforeseen directions. That just so happened to me. My life tends to move in 2 year increments, meaning every two year’s Read more