Oh Joy! – Wallpaper

Oh Joy, whom I love, now has a collection of wallpaper coming in August via Hygge and West. This is very exciting news to me since I am on the hunt for wallpaper for our master bathroom. I already feel in love with Julia Rothman’s collection which I purchased last October for my birthday and cannot wait to see what Oh Joy has in store for me.

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31st, 2010 / Danielle

Bathroom – Art

Did I mention I have a bathroom this color? ( mauve )

And this bathroom needs some art in it. What on earth am I going to stick in here?
I’ve been hunting Esty for some ideas and these are a few I’ve come to like.
But remember, in design liking something does NOT mean it works in the space.
Life was easier before art college, that is for sure. ( laughs )

{ papermoth }

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30th, 2010 / Danielle

Swell Group

I’ve decided that I’ve got an itch. A bad itch. I’ve got an itch to travel what is looking like everywhere. It seems to me that I cannot stop wanting to go places and see things. I am confident in saying I have the next 10 years of my life pre-book to some destination that I have fallen head over heels for. Whether it be Australia, England, France, Italy or Japan, I just need to see it all. While hunting out places that accommodated my love for the ocean, water and adventure I came across non other than the Swell Group. This posh little boutique holiday property in the UK, Ireland and Europe was JUST the thing I was looking for. I was swooning over the Thorpeness apartment they have listed on the heritage coast of Suffolk, my mouth is already watering just thinking about the fish and chips I can feast upon! It’s just the thing I need to get away and remember all those things that I have forgotten.

Dear Hubby,

I’m going to steal you away for 2 weeks. Just me and You in Suffolk, England.
What say you?

Yours Always,
The Mrs.

The Swell Group has many more excited places to stay if this one doesn’t quite fit your fancy. Check out there Beach, Town and Country collections if your curious. Its worth a look…I just added Paris to my list as well…

29th, 2010 / Danielle

Come again?

Me: brian fired

Mr: brian fired ?
who is brian and why did he get fired ?

Me: oh
brain fried
that came out wrong

Mr: hahaha

{ Simon Duhamel }

28th, 2010 / Danielle

Poilane { Wedding Bread }

{ Poilane }

Seems that lately I have fallen more in love with French Culture. There design, life style and yes food. I guess it doesn’t help that I am gluten-free now does it?

I think the Mr. and I should play wedding again, dress up, and eat some french bread. Our honeymoon of course would be somewhere in the french country side.

Wednesday I’m feeling French.

Au revoir

28th, 2010 / Danielle

Albertsson & Hansen

Something I have always wanted to do was build a house, a perfect house.

So me, myself and I went searching for the perfect set of house plans. I thought with the endless amount of ideas out there that really it would not be a hard tasks to tackle. I spent a few hours over the weekend exploring this, that, and whatever else I could find.. and sure enough I ended up empty handed. Yes, a few hundred+ house plans later and no such luck. I knew I was picky but really, am I that bad?

The only saving grace I have is trying to con Albertsson & Hansen into making a trip to Utah and building renovating me some perfection. I can see it now, taking some mess of a downtown bungalow and making it into a master piece. It should be done, and further more I am the person to do it.

27th, 2010 / Danielle

Prince Charming

It was the worst day of my life… I’ll I can say is that I am glad my prince charming saved me.

Thanks Mr. Burr.


26th, 2010 / Danielle

Feeling Creamy Good

I’m feeling inspired by this today.

Happy Thursday ( which is my Friday, Yippy! )
Utahan’s have Pioneer Day this Saturday which mean I get a 3 day weekend
to finish up one said bathroom and tons more molding.
It would be heart breaking to think I want to move.

And I do.

22nd, 2010 / Danielle