Today I noticed…

While sitting in my garage with my mom mixing new paint for my guest bathroom I watched a few women in my neighborhood drive by. Now, I never thought of my neighborhood as being trendy or keeping up with the Jones, but today my opinion changed. Today 5 women drove by with the exact brand new Chevy Suburban in Jet Black. Now maybe if one drove by I wouldn’t think anything of it, even 2 but 5. Come on ladies really? Can’t we think for our selves? Can’t we find a car that we like without having to buy what every one has?

I’ll keep my Audi thank you.

Strike that, another one just drove by. Make that 6.

25th, 2010 / Danielle

A change of heart.

For as long as I have known myself, which really isn’t that long ( smiles ) – I have been a die-hard dog lover. I really never had a desire to have or own a cat. But I’m sorta changing my mind after seeing this photo. Even though my dog and allergies won’t agree with me, ever.

{ Via Gizmodo }

25th, 2010 / Danielle

I was at Ikea when…

I saw someone. I’d like to think of this more like a celebrity moment but maybe not as dramatic. After finally making it out of the return line full of kids whom all were named Mason, I headed quickly out the door when from a far a face I could put a name on walked by with her two darling girls. Even though I don’t know this person personally, I do follow her blog and enjoy her photography style. Behold, Kate Benson.

So even though I am me and she is, well “she”. It was neat to see someone from a far and for a moment say, “I can appreciate her.” Hope you had a happy shopping day at Ikea Kate.

{ via Kate Benson }

24th, 2010 / Danielle

I need..

A white shower curtain that isn’t modern!
My guest bathroom is driving me crazy!

I refuse to use said bathroom until I get one.

19th, 2010 / Danielle

The Jane NYC

{ The Jane NYC }

It’s like staying on a cruise, in a super tiny space that just happens to be in NYC.
Of course this is all under $200 bucks.
If I were ever inclined I might stay here.
Odds are I’ll choose Washington DC over NYC – truth.

19th, 2010 / Danielle

Park City, Utah – Part 2.

As I stated earlier.. the Mr. and I ended up spending 3 days in Park City this pasted week. We needed a break from life, work and just breathing and were more that happy to duck out of work and head for the mountains.

After scrambling most of Friday morning trying to plan this brilliant venture idea I finally settled on a place in The Canyons called The Westagate. We were MORE than thrilled when we arrived to see a well suited suite with everything possible. A full kitchen, sliding pocket doors and a shower that had a rainfall faucet smack dag in the center. I knew then and there I was going to be taking multiple showers the whole weekend long.

If I was going to learn anything from our past mini vacation, the one thing that HAD to be in the room was… a TV. In all matter of fact, that is one thing the Mr. asked me pretty fast, what was the status on the TV? Now, folks. Don’t think this is because I am a TV-holic. And that I cannot live without one.. it is because we don’t have one. And this weekend was an excuse to watch TLC and HGTV. I was VERY please with said vacation.

We toyed around town, went shopping and did basically whatever we wanted. We were asked multiple times if we were students in school, from the state, let alone country.. and if we drank.. I am sure would have been carded more times that I can count. I didn’t know I looked that young?

Sunday final came and the major event of the whole weekend was at hand. Riding the Alpine Slides and Zip line. This was not something I was totally looking forward to, I’m really not into anything that hangs me from some line x height above for a death sentence. Don’t mistake this for a fear of heights, that is NOT what this is. I’m just sure these wires have something out for me. We walked over to Olympic Park and began the journey to lift off. As we got closer I realized not only did I have to ride this “wire” down from the top of a mountain, but i had to ride a “wire” UP to the top of this mountain to get to this “wire” I never wanted to be a part of anyway! I started freaking out and sat down to watch this whole thing go down. After some odd number of KIDS flew down as if this was the greatest thing next to Sea World. I decided I couldn’t be beat by a bunch of kids. Clearly I am better than them, and I had something to prove now.

I walked over, got on the ski “wire” lift and gripped the bar as if I was going to die. The Mr. later told me he didn’t think I ever took a breath as well as what a nice shade of white my knuckles had been turning. Click after click, higher and higher this line took me. We got to the top and I almost cried knowing I was back on the bloody earth. I tell you folks I wanted to kiss it, hug in it, for heavens sake roll in it. But alas I could not, I had the next “wire” to conquer.

The dudes ( Just seemed right to call them that in park city ) guided us to the ramp and told us to sit in what looks like some mess up of a hammock swing. I strapped in and began getting loopy. I proceeded to tell the dudes this wasn’t happening, I need a moment and I cannot do this. Then, without remorse, as if they knew I was calling them dudes and didn’t like it – they flew open the door and shot be down the “wire”.

Naturally at this point you are all thinking I was like some cat about to be thrown in the water and was clawing, scratching and yes screaming bloody murder. Instead, like the controlled composed brilliant person I am. I went down with my eyes closed with not a sound to be heard.

The “wire” ended as I was safe on the ground and I proudly announced that I will never for the rest of my life do that again. The Mr. informed me kindly that if I did in fact want to do the slides then I had to go back up the “wire” ski lift to do so. Panic again arose as I boarded yet again the larger of the two “wires” rode to the top in the same panic state and managed to ride my nice little alpine slide calmly back down the mountain.

For the record I was sure I was going to die. I am glad I never have to do that again ever. And just so you all know, if any of you out there are in need of help and it involves me having to anything “wire” related, well it’s not happening. So best to plan ahead.

17th, 2010 / Danielle

Park City, Utah

{ Park City }

I spent the weekend with the Mr in Park City.

I’d do it again in a heart beat.

The food was soo yummy. Did I mention how much I love creme brulee?

A lot.

16th, 2010 / Danielle