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It’s pretty neat when..

It’s pretty neat when..featured

…You are hard at work and go to the same website you go to everyday to get you some good old Lorem Ipsum when you look at the top of the page and see this: That’s right folks – a Banner Ad. Have you been yet? You need to. { }

Something smells Oh! So good…

Something smells Oh! So good…featured

I was sitting with my co-worker, whom I shall keep unnamed since I do not want to completely embarrass him, when all the sudden he pips up with ” Who smells soo good?!” We both look around and start accusing random people and trying to track down this smell. I wasn’t completely sure what the Read more

Safari Loafers

Safari Loafersfeatured

No, I am not in the market for having a child of any kind. And sadly they will not fit on my dog. But YES I love them and I admit I am 100% tempted to buy them. { GraciousMay } By the way I am in love with yellow and gray right now. And Read more


Guilty Pleasurefeatured

I’m a music snob. I like what I like and I really hate what I hate. But I have a soft spot. It’s a weakness that no matter what he does I love. And I keep coming back for more. Usher is my guilty pleasure. Usher – DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again


Oh, UGGS!featured

For to many winters now I have been drooling over wanting my very own pair of UGGS. Not because I am trendy, because I am not by any means, but because I am cold blooded by nature. ( And to most of you that won’t come as a shock ) However I would like to Read more