Rewind { Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving came in a hurry this year. Between work, work and well work it was hard to imagine that it was already time to decide what grocery store was going to supply my “home cooked pies” for the upcoming family feast. ( Thanks Macey’s! ) The family and I packed up Veera and headed out cross lake to meet a ton of people I have never seen before and frankly may never see again. But hey, what better way to spend Thanksgiving than with a bunch of people you sorta know & some pies you are pretty sure you are going to claim as your own.

Game on.

Soon after arriving it was clear that the Mr. had unintentionally picked up a new friend. And by friend, I mean a cute girl with a lot of  spunk, wit and undoubtedly a massive amount of skill at fuse ball. ( Via her mouth, of course )  She was 11, but that didn’t seem to bother her one bit. As far as she knew well.. there was no reason why this couldn’t work out. Right? The night went on and the Mr. and Elle were joined at the hip. I admit it was a bit too fun to watch and even I had to get a reality check that I was in fact married to him and she was most certainly tramping on my turf. But again, she was 11 what chance did I really have at this point. The turf tramping continued on, even after we announced we were in fact married ( yes, she sighed a big sigh ) and that we were in fact happy ( again, another big sigh ) and tried to all so calmly led her on her merry way. I don’t think any of the “plan” worked and I am fairly certain that her heart might have been crushed by the Mr. not saying good-bye as we ended the night and headed for the door. All we could do was both laugh as we headed for home sweet home.

{ Home Sweet Home }

30th, 2010 / Danielle

Music Monday { MUSE

{ MUSE }

MUSE has been on the music “radar” for quite sometime now ( since 1994 to be exact ) so I am not sure I would call them “new music“. However, with their recent win at the American Music Awards this past Sunday, I thought it only proper to put them back on my list of “bands I should like but don’t” list. Yes, it is true. I am not a MUSE fan, even though I have tried to be for many many years.

I decided to dedicate 1 hour to see if I could in fact break the cycle. Sadly after 2 albums and about 5 minutes, I was feeling pretty confident that nothing was going to happen with me and MUSE. I threw on Black Holes and Revelations, turned the volume down to what was almost mute and went about my business. I mean really, is there any reason to suffer threw all this at full volume, no? I zoned out and honestly I don’t even know if I heard any song on the album at this point. I thought I may as well find something I did want to listen to and decided to switch back to my playlist. Just then, a new song kicked in and I found myself saying, “Not to bad, not to bad at all”. I turned it up a bit more and the rest was history. I rocked out on repeat for about an hour completely smitten with the idea that I had at least found 1 song of MUSE that I loved. Of course this came with much complaining to the Mr. about how if they just would cut the singing out it may have been total bliss. But even I have to over look some flaws in music.

Enjoy my repeating moments of almost bliss:
Map of the Problematique by Muse

29th, 2010 / Danielle

Amy Adams + Christian Bale

Thanks to there upcoming movie The Fighter, Amy Adams and Christian Bale are gazing over the covers of some of this months magazines. Both covers strike accord with me, and I cannot help but LOVE the use of white space on them both. ( Yeh, white space gets me every time. ) Did you ever see a magazine cover that you just swooned over and thus ended up buying? I can’t say I’m going to buy these beauties, because to me it’s just a little bit weird having some Celebrity hanging out in my house just because the magazine or photo was “designed well”. Ofcourse maybe if it was Iron Man I might be singing a different tune. ( Joking Hubby! )

Did I mention there is a rumored snow dumping storm coming our way? Joy!

23rd, 2010 / Danielle

Crush + Happy Friday

For those of you who know me I have very few weaknesses to say the least. I don’t really get attached to things or even still, I don’t like very many things. However, over the past while I believe I may have stumbled upon something I like. And I like this something a lot. Since laying eyes on the Audi R8 I have found myself giddy for “everything Audi”. It has even gone as far as being the brand of car I currently own and swear will forever be the only brand of car I ever own. ( Yes, I love my Audi that much… *smooches to my Veera* ) Even still, why on earth have I found myself so attached to this car. I thought back to when it all began.. When did it all begin?

Two words. Iron Man.

Two more words. Tony Stark.

That folks is when it all began. I love me some Tony Stark and Tony Stark has and Audi R8.The connection makes complete sense really.

So do I have a crush, yes. Do I need a Audi R8, of course I do. Would I drive the speed limit? Never!

Happy Friday. I’m going to have me an Iron Man Marathon.

19th, 2010 / Danielle /

Can I take your picture?

The Mr. and I have been swooning over this camera for a very long time now. We finally decided this year was the year to buy, probably because Hawaii is close approaching and I want some killer photos. Never the less the time is near. I’m price checking everywhere, bag hunting, strap hunting… just hunting a lot really. At some point I’ll have it all together and be able to take some pictures with something way better than my iPhone. ( Yes, offense intended. )

So Hello 5D Mark II. Come to me.

18th, 2010 / Danielle

If I could.. I would..

Yes, I love this dress.

Yes, she should have designed one for me.

No, it doesn’t fit my dress code standards.. but I want it anyway.


{ welovepictures }

16th, 2010 / Danielle

Tom tom toms.

Those boots are made for walking and they walked great.

Now I need a pair of Toms.

Those exact ones really.

{ Toms }

15th, 2010 / Danielle

Where do you live?

To me there is only one reason to buy a house, and that reason is to have some really great address stamps to put on all my postage. I’ve been eying up Paperwink’s collection and still have yet to find one I want to buy. Maybe one day I’ll settle on something. Until then I just have to buy them all.

{ PaperWink }

14th, 2010 / Danielle