‘Tis the Season

I hope this holiday was everything you wished it would be and much more.

Mine was as perfect as it could be.

{ via Momio – photographer extraordinaire }

  1. Yes, I have a sweater and pj’s on
  2. Yes, the Mr. has his eyes closed
  3. Yes, my dad never takes his blue tooth ear piece out of his ear
  4. Yes, I love them both to death! + Momio

25th, 2010 / Danielle


Which one do you choose?

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21st, 2010 / Danielle


How I got an uncooperative eBay buyer to pay for her purchase. Was it unethical?

First of all, I am not claiming to have invented this trick. I imagine others have used it with varying degrees of success. I also want to point out that nothing here is embellished or exaggerated.

I had tickets to a sporting event and couldn’t attend. I made a 1-day listing and clearly stated that the tickets must be picked up in person within 24 hours (the game was the evening after the auction ended, so there wasn’t any time to ship the tickets). A woman won the auction for about $600. The auction had ended at 10:00am and by 5:00pm she still hadn’t responded to my emails trying to organize the exchange. Finally, at 9:30pm, I got a one-liner email: “I overbid and my husband won’t let me buy these. Sorry and enjoy the game! :)”

I first tried explaining that I wouldn’t have the time to resell the tickets (I already got turned down by the losing bidders). She said, “… that’s not my problem. It’s eBay, not a car dealership. I can back out if I want.” I still don’t understand the car dealership reference.

I was pretty upset. I was basically going to be stuck with tickets to an event that I couldn’t attend. That’s when I got the idea to convince her to change her mind.

I created a new eBay account, “Payback” we’ll call it, and sent her a message: “Hi there, I noticed you won an auction for 4 [sporting event] tickets. I meant to bid on these but couldn’t get to a computer. I wanted to take my son and dad and would be willing to give you $1,000 for the tickets. I imagine that you’ve already made plans to attend, but I figured it was worth a shot.”

At 11:30pm she responded to Payback: “I’ll do it for $1,100, no less. I can meet you at the game if you agree. I need your phone number.”

At 11:35pm, Payback wrote: “Deal. Here is my number…” (Thanks Google Voice for the throwaway number). She called a few minutes later and made Payback “promise” to go through with the deal. She emphasized that she’d be out a lot of money if Payback backed out. Payback swore he would never do such a thing.

At 11:45pm, the woman emailed me: “Fine. I’ll buy them. But you have to drop them off at my house tonight. I’ll have the cash ready.” So at ****ing midnight I drove to her house across town and met her on the road in front of her apartment building. She was a nasty and rude individual. Things didn’t get any better when I told her I wanted an extra $20 for the trouble of driving there at midnight (yeah, pushing my luck, I know). It became very awkward and she literally threw 31 $20 bills at me. I counted them before handing over the tickets. I said, “thanks for the great transaction” as she flipped me off while walking away.

At 10:00am she called Payback to make sure they were still on for the exchange. Payback said that he could no longer go to the game and wouldn’t be able to do the exchange. She blew her ****ing top and I swear to god started speaking in tongues. Payback said, “Ma’am, this is eBay, not a car dealership” and hung up.

I got a rabid email 10 minutes later telling me that I was going to hell and that she’s reported me to the local police, FBI, and… the fire department. WTF?

I never heard another word from her. I have no idea if she went to the game or not.

Was this wrong?

{ Super Duper Thanks to Reddit for a great laugh today!}


15th, 2010 / Danielle

Maui, Hawaii { Part III

As you can see from the photo below, I forgot to put some sunblock on my nose.

Shame on me. Now I have to run around looking like this.

( Please laugh, I am. )

{ Maui, Hawaii }

8th, 2010 / Danielle

Maui, Hawaii { Part II

Dear Mr. ( err Miss ) Tiger Shark,

Please don’t eat me, I will be your forever friend.

Faithfully Yours.

7th, 2010 / Danielle

Maui, Hawaii { Part 1

The Mr. and I have been Maui side for almost 2 days now. I thought for sure there would be NO clear similarity’s between Utah and here, but I was wrong.

  1. The Roads pretty much blow in both places. And construction seems to be never ending.
  2. They have a huge L ( for LAHAINA ) on the side of their mountain. And why yes, it it does light up. Image that.
  3. People have a hard time driving the speed limit. Speeding is a all go.
  4. I am pretty sure they have a bench, and I cannot afford to live on this one either.

So far we have explored the South and West Side of the island, got burnt to little potato crisps and ate some killer shrimp. I look forwards to see what today brings.

{ Maui, McKena Beach }

6th, 2010 / Danielle


Real Simple to me is one magazine that lives up to all my expectations each month. It is straightforward, clear and concise. The content is clean and open, so it would only be fitting that they would use PMN Caecilia™ complimented by FF Meta® to make their pages come to life. It’s a timeless marriage of styles that I will be keeping in mind on my next design project.

{ Real Simple } & { FontShop }

3rd, 2010 / Danielle

Winter { Poe-land

I’ve been working hard on trying to make this new camera of ours work. I’ve got a hundred page Cannon manual that is suppose to make me some sort of “camera wizard” and all I have to show for it is knowing how to turn the thing on and off. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Joyfully the weather people here have been calling for “the big blizzard” for quite sometime now. “You better get ready, this is the BIG ONE”,” Don’t drive unless you want to die”,”This is the end..” etc etc. Oddly enough nothing has happened. I can’t say I was surprised but rather disappointed because I wanted to try our camera out on Poe the Dog terrorizing the snow rather than my hardwood floors. Soon to my delight we got dumped on and there was snow everywhere! I suited up, grabbed the camera and out I went. Results below:

{ Fun in the snow with the Family }

2nd, 2010 / Danielle

Merry Me

{ Billy Bride Jewelry }

I have been captivated, completely captivated. Good thing I almost tore my finger off thanks to my wedding ring a few days ago, other wise the Mr. and I would be figuring out how to get my not black and blue swollen stub of flesh into one these beauties, Eres to be exact.

1st, 2010 / Danielle