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Music Monday { Sleeptheif }featured

I’d like to say that Utah provides some killer talent in music. And maybe they do? However, to mine own ears David Archuleta, Neon Trees & The Used ( to name a few ) don’t count in my book. It seems like now we’ve hit the ultimate high with this “folk” phase. And everyone and Read more

Wearing Lilly Pulitzer

Wearing Lilly Pulitzerfeatured

I’ve been on the hunt for the past month to find some new dresses. I’ve spent many hours ( more than I would like to admit to ) looking for somethings I like. Most are not modest enough or the wrong color, wrong length, wrong cut… just wrong really. I can admit, Lilly’s dress doesn’t Read more

Handwritten Lettering

Handwritten Letteringfeatured

If I had it to do over again, I might have become a calligrapher. You know, one of those posh people who can use pen & ink to create something with their fingers and hands. Max’s video is earth shattering, and this is coming from a designer who isn’t easily impressed. So take a deep Read more