Oh the places you’ll go.

Or at least attempt to go, if they were in fact real. I fell in love with this gem of a home when I stumbled upon it on my newly created Pinterest account. ( Don’t worry there isn’t anything there yet. I’m like a kid in the candy store, I just don’t know where to start! )

So naturally I thought to myself, I HAVE to find this place and I HAVE to go there. So the hunt began. Where is this place, how do I get there, when can I get there.. etc etc. The hunt didn’t last long since all I had to do is scroll down the page and see a link, sorta like this one: Phuket, Thailand. Yes, I was sadden when I found out it wasn’t really a place. Regardless, I then read on to see yada yada JAMES BOND yada yada. And that is all that matters to me. The rest was well, who cares?!

Via: Kendall Russell via Cindy Roxanne

20th, 2011 / Danielle

The iPhone SLR Mount

First of all, I do not have iPhone. Yes, I did have one that I was quick to give up when my beloved Google EVO was fresh on the market. She and I have a love love relationship, really Google and I have a love love relationship. Don’t get my wrong I LOVE and I mean L O V E my Apple OS and would be willing to give my first born away for it. I thought it was important that I cleared all that up first, especially since my post is in fact supporting this “iPhone” toy.

But people, did you REALLY read what I put in that title spot?? “The iPhone SLR Mount” can you even believe that! Perhaps I’m old school. I like knowing and having my cameras view finder smashed up against my face while firmly gripping my lens with my left hand and preparing to snap with my right. I feel powerful. Who really can say that about holding some iPhone fifty feet in front of them while trying to click whatever it was they wanted to capture? Well maybe NOW you guys will feel all powerful because I’ll admit, if I see anyone with this get-up we totally need to high five.

Happy Shooting.

11th, 2011 / Danielle


One of my many to do’s on my “30 Before Thirty” list was to in fact make a quilt. Now this adventure began awhile back, maybe even over half a year ago, honestly I’m not sure. But really that isn’t the point. The point is that I finished the quilt, thus adding “quilter” to my every growing talents and tiles. I’m not sure if I can add it to me resume but I might give it a try next time I update it just for kicks.

I’d also like to add a special thanks to my mom for:

  1. Teaching me the fine art of quilting
  2. Sewing 75% of it
  3. Fixing countless mistakes (mine)
  4. Somehow putting the thing together
  5. Allowing me to think I’m some sort of  “quilter” now

6th, 2011 / Danielle