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Monthly Wrap-Up

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January has come and gone in a sudden hurry. I’m pretty sure I was here when it happened, but honestly I’m beginning wonder. It was a whirlwind month, full of energy, life and great company. I didn’t hit all my goals but I sure as heck made a good effort, and for that I am proud. I’ve been waiting Read more

Book Review

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While wandering around my local book store I happened across Maria Menounos : The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life. Now, I’m not prone to pick up books in the  Self Help section as I just assumed it was full of “Help Me I Can’t Stop Eating”,”My Life is Over, Now What?”, and of course “How to Help Read more



Each and everyday we have the chance to serve other’s. Whether it be by some grand and glorious act or just something small and simple, we choose to serve. The last few days have become a blur as I prep, scrub and overhaul my house for our appraisal. I am a detail freak and nothing can be too Read more

Spiritual Spotlight

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This year I wanted MLK Day to be a bit more than just a full filled cleaning day that I had planned for weeks in advanced. I wanted to have a “Rocky Balboa” moment where I jump around with one hand in the air fist pumping to “Eye of the Tiger” for Civil Rights. Yeah, Read more

Merry Makings

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I always feel the urge to fill my plate with way to much of everything in January. Perhaps it’s the overwhelming feeling of setting goals and having to get things done… Pronto. This sudden haste causes me to reflect back to the past few months to find that, like always this habit and lifestyle is Read more

January 6th { Epiphany

January 6th { Epiphanyfeatured

It is always sad to see the Holiday Season come to an end. The time when all the lights comes down, the trees disappear and perhaps everyone is just a bit less jolly. Over all it’s just down right depressing. So rather than visiting my local “Good Earth Pharmacy” for some herbal drops that would throw me on the happy Read more

Welcome January

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Welcome, Welcome 2012! My oh my do I have plans for you this year. But no reason to bite off more than we can handle, rather let’s just bite off one slice at a time – like a slice of January. This months theme is “Out with the Old and In with the New.” For me this means Read more