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So I had this idea. I was going to make this so-called “Pie in a Jar” as an early Valentine’s Day gift for a few women in my neighborhood. I planned ahead, read and re read the instructions and thought that really there was no reason why I could fail. I enlisted the help of my mom, like I always do, and hoped this wouldn’t turn into some I Love Lucy episode and end in disaster. We planned a whole day to make a handful of jars and were feeling SO confident that we even went out for a while. Which had we known was a huge no-no. After our jars were completed in a few hours and we were pretty satisfied with our product, we assumed our project was a success. An hour later my mother calls to explain that these “so-called pie in the jars” were terrible. And I could not, and should not hand anything this bad out to anyone! Naturally we re-grouped, assembled a new plan and in about a 1/2 hour started the whole process all over again. ( Mind you, it was about 6:00 at this point. Bring on round 2, and sadly round 3.) Yes, after two more failures, a dropped jar behind my stove, slamming my head into my shelf and basically butchering the entire english language we had 7 jars. 7 jars that really could end up tasting the same as the first 7 jars we had made 8 hours before. But at this point I didn’t care. These women were getting whatever I had. Even if it didn’t taste good.

So in the end I learned a few things:

1. I can cook, but clearly my stove can’t.
2. Always plan 2 days for any given project.
3. Enlisting the help of mom doesn’t mean things will work out.
4. Good intentions are just that, good intentions.

Happy February. Mine has been pretty eventful thus far.

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