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22nd, 2012 / Danielle /



My show at Thanksgiving Point came to a close Saturday evening. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was pretty happy about it. It has been a long month for me. Between taking two trips, working on Merry Poet and deciding I wanted to do a show.. I ended up being exhausted. I’ve never been so happy to see a Monday in all my life.

But hey, I did a show. Did I happen to see you there? I hope so. It was great to meet and greet all the great talent. Do some trading and officially not call myself a new-be to show biz anymore. I hope this is a start to something great.

PSS: Make sure to check out my Shop. I’ve added a few new things.

22nd, 2012 / Danielle /


A product created by OrangeSoda to help there national partners is QWKR, a sales and budgeting tool. QWKR helps sales agents create a unique advertising solution for each customer, specifically tailored to their needs, market, local competition and budget.

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LDS Living

LDS Living Magazine, a division of Deseret Book, is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on family-oriented issues and entertainment, daily living, and the LDS community. We hope to reach readers of LDS origin, as well as other faiths. We have been serving this community since 1997. While our magazine complements rather than focuses on spiritual issues, we hope to affirm the lifestyle and beliefs of our readers.

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DESIGN \\ New Calling Means New Print For Sale


I honestly wasn’t trying to avoid my Bishop, or his very persistent Secretary. But somehow I was able to avoid weeks and weeks of phones calls ( I was on vacation, there was general conference and ward conference – so cut me a small break here ) but avoidance did happen. Sunday, however they caught up with me. And apparently just in time to do a quick meet and greet and say “Hey, by the way would you like to be the Young Women Secretary?” I admit, I let out a big sigh of relief. Honestly. It could have been bad folks, I mean really bad. But this, this is totally do-able. In fact, I’m looking up to the challenge. This is a great chance to learn and grow and meet the fantastic leaders and young women in my ward.

So what does this mean? Simple. Let’s sell a print. Let’s sell a Young Women Theme Print. Let’s also sell some more new stuff. Check out my SHOP link or head over to ETSY to order.

Much Love!

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I left my heart in Seattle; as well as my legs, arms, head and every other body part that I own. If you haven’t figure out by now, I love Seattle. I do admit however, it might have a small something to do with all the trees, miles of water ( remember folks I live in Utah ), the unbelievable Farmer’s Market, and even though I don’t care for Starbucks or coffee they defiantly made me want to at least want to carry some sort of cup with me at all times. So then this comes as no shock to you when I say Seattle has to be ranked as one of my favorites cities ever. Congrats.

So now that reality has set back in, I am hard at work on my upcoming show ( The Bella Bazaar ) at Thanksgiving Point Oct 18,19 & 20th. It feels like I’m gearing up for a huge job interview with a bunch of really important business men that I’ve never met who hold my fate in their very hands. Résultat Négatif. But hey, I’ve done that — and passed so, this should be like a piece of cake. Just Fantastic!

Hey, its Fall. And I’m loving it!

11th, 2012 / Danielle /