DESIGN \\ New Calling Means New Print For Sale

DESIGN \\ New Calling Means New Print For Salefeatured


I honestly wasn’t trying to avoid my Bishop, or his very persistent Secretary. But somehow I was able to avoid weeks and weeks of phones calls ( I was on vacation, there was general conference and ward conference – so cut me a small break here ) but avoidance did happen. Sunday, however they caught up with me. And apparently just in time to do a quick meet and greet and say “Hey, by the way would you like to be the Young Women Secretary?” I admit, I let out a big sigh of relief. Honestly. It could have been bad folks, I mean really bad. But this, this is totally do-able. In fact, I’m looking up to the challenge. This is a great chance to learn and grow and meet the fantastic leaders and young women in my ward.

So what does this mean? Simple. Let’s sell a print. Let’s sell a Young Women Theme Print. Let’s also sell some more new stuff. Check out my SHOP link or head over to ETSY to order.

Much Love!


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