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Evening Dateonomics Walk

Evening Dateonomics Walkfeatured

Everyday on our evening walks, the Mr. and I choose a topic of discussion. Our topics come and go, range from weird to serious, and sometimes end up on the “to be continued” list. Currently the idea of our Mormon Culture and all the idiosyncrasies that go along with it have come up quite frequently. This was sparked Read more


CHAOS, PLEASE?featured

Our home has been a bitter-sweet chaotic mess for the past month or so. ( Don’t take that as a complaint, because it was most certainly not one. ) I enjoy ripping out all the tacky non-sense that the previous owners “thought” was a good idea, which clearly wasn’t… ever, only to replace it with my Read more


CRUSH \\ BRIKAfeatured

Hello BRIKA. It’s nice to meet you.   Admittedly, I intentionally spend my summer months as far from the computer as I can possibly get. No, I’m not one of those people whose smart phone is attached to them every second of the day. No, I don’t really thrive on Facebook stalking or retweeting — Read more



Beauty Redefined has a fantastic article on setting healthy New Year’s Goals, and the adverse effects the media and world is having on our woman’s self-worth and over all body image. I hope you take the time as a woman to read the article or even take the time as a man, so you can better uplift Read more

End of Summer

End of Summerfeatured

  I remember when I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania that the end of summer was always something that I looked forward to. The humid summer days were deadly, and I was quite ready for my clothes to stop looking and feeling as if I had just gone through a car wash. Regardless if school has Read more



Was I on a Sabbatical? Possibly. Okay, most likely. But come on… how many times have you actually said, “I’m going to take a sabbatical!” that only wound up being a huge balloon full of your own hot air? I decided that I wasn’t just going to fill that blasted balloon up this year. This year Read more

Book Review

Book Reviewfeatured

While wandering around my local book store I happened across Maria Menounos : The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life. Now, I’m not prone to pick up books in the  Self Help section as I just assumed it was full of “Help Me I Can’t Stop Eating”,”My Life is Over, Now What?”, and of course “How to Help Read more