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CHAOS, PLEASE?featured

Our home has been a bitter-sweet chaotic mess for the past month or so. ( Don’t take that as a complaint, because it was most certainly not one. ) I enjoy ripping out all the tacky non-sense that the previous owners “thought” was a good idea, which clearly wasn’t… ever, only to replace it with my Read more


CRUSH \\ BRIKAfeatured

Hello BRIKA. It’s nice to meet you.   Admittedly, I intentionally spend my summer months as far from the computer as I can possibly get. No, I’m not one of those people whose smart phone is attached to them every second of the day. No, I don’t really thrive on Facebook stalking or retweeting — Read more



Beauty Redefined has a fantastic article on setting healthy New Year’s Goals, and the adverse effects the media and world is having on our woman’s self-worth and over all body image. I hope you take the time as a woman to read the article or even take the time as a man, so you can better uplift Read more

End of Summer

End of Summerfeatured

  I remember when I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania that the end of summer was always something that I looked forward to. The humid summer days were deadly, and I was quite ready for my clothes to stop looking and feeling as if I had just gone through a car wash. Regardless if school has Read more



Was I on a Sabbatical? Possibly. Okay, most likely. But come on… how many times have you actually said, “I’m going to take a sabbatical!” that only wound up being a huge balloon full of your own hot air? I decided that I wasn’t just going to fill that blasted balloon up this year. This year Read more

Book Review

Book Reviewfeatured

While wandering around my local book store I happened across Maria Menounos : The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life. Now, I’m not prone to pick up books in the  Self Help section as I just assumed it was full of “Help Me I Can’t Stop Eating”,”My Life is Over, Now What?”, and of course “How to Help Read more

Spiritual Spotlight

Spiritual Spotlightfeatured

This year I wanted MLK Day to be a bit more than just a full filled cleaning day that I had planned for weeks in advanced. I wanted to have a “Rocky Balboa” moment where I jump around with one hand in the air fist pumping to “Eye of the Tiger” for Civil Rights. Yeah, Read more